Erica Wirth

Founder & Host

Erica founded this project in September of 2019 after spending a summer working as a naturalist in the San Juans where she deepened her passion for Orcas. Erica has always loved marine mammals and began working in the field when she was fourteen. She graduated from Eckerd College with a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Psychology in 2018 and is now operating out of Monterey, California. 

Shelby Nielson

Regular Contributor

Shelby has been an avid listener of the pod since it launched and has really enjoyed the diversity of guests and topics included and covered. She's been incredibly fascinated with orcas for as long as she can remember, and has been making an effort to continue to educate herself on the southern residents especially through the literature, documentaries, and podcasts. She is about to start her Ph.D. in Epidemiology in the new year, and it’s her ultimate dream to one day apply her skill set and knowledge in population health to suffering populations like the Southern Residents.

Liam Doucet

Regular Contributor

Liam is a high school student from Portland, Oregon who loves dogs and uses Instagram as a platform for advocacy. He is passionate about protecting the Southern Residents and educating people on the impact of the Lower Snake River Dams.



Executive Interr(pup)ter 

Peaches works interrupting the episodes with various barks and grumbles. She received a degree in Barking and being a Nuisance from Eckerd College in 2018 at the age of three. She is proud to be using her degree today. While most of her contributions are useless, we would like to recognize her efforts.  



Monica O'Reilly 

Campaign/Education & Website Management

Monica graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Zoology, concentrating in Animal Behavior & Neurobiology in 2019. She is now pursuing a master's in Political Science specializing in Environmental Policy & Politics and Public Policy & Administration. Her goal is to aid in  bridging the gap between science and policy through collaboration and education. 

Jake Rider 

Cultural Resources 


Jake Rider is a senior at Eckerd College, with a dual major in Anthropology and Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science. He is originally from Upstate New York and is acting as the Cultural Research Intern focusing his study on the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest.


Visual Media


Kendra grew up in Arizona and fell in love with marine life at a young age at aquariums. From then she knew she wanted to be a marine biologist. She moved to Hawai’i to pursue in a degree in marine science where she began freediving and assisting on research projects at her university. Since starting university, she has worked on projects with coral, hawkfish, crickets, and plastics. At university she also worked as a teaching assistant and biology lab research assistant. This is where she found her passion for science communication as she helped teach students about the ocean and see them fall in love with the ecosystem beneath the waves. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada and does marine science outreach communication online!.

Important Individu(whales)  

We are fortunate to have several individuals breach for the stars, going above and beyond with their contributions. Special thanks to: 

Ellie Sawyer 

Ellie became a part of this project in the winter of 2019. Ellie has been passionate about Orcas since she was a child, which also lead her to work as a naturalist in the San Juan's. She currently still resides in Washington, where she works as an environmental educator.

Aloise Ca 

Aloise, is an avid activist who is passionate about the environment and film.  She has helped with marketing, feedback & new ideas. 

Rosemary Connellie

Rosemary is a conservation artist who uses her talents to bridge the gap between art and science. She designed the logo used on all of our multi-media platforms.

Gloria Pancrazi 

Gloria is one of the leaders for the March for the Dams and producer of the upcoming film Coextinction. She has helped with cultivating new ideas and community outreach. 

Fabiola Sepulveda Tostado 

Fabiola is a senior with an Animal Studies and Visual Arts double major at Eckerd College. She has helped manage Breaching Extinction's social media and has created art to post.