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This podcast dives deep to explore the social, environmental & economic factors impacting the decline of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, and in an effort to turn the tides toward wholistic, ethical & sustainable solutions for people, salmon & whales


Founder and host of the Breaching Extinction Podcast, Erica Wirth started this project to feed her curiosity surrounding the complexities contributing to the decline of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRWK). This podcast was originally intended to be a twelve episode series exploring the issues facing the SRKW's through the lens of science, resource management and public perception. However, Erica quickly realized these issues needed to be evaluated through a much wider lens. The series now has over 30 episodes and plans to continue production until effective solutions for conserving the SRKW's are implemented. 

Our mission is to raise public awareness through inclusive conversations for conservation, which cultivates connection and empowerment. One of our major values is inclusivity, thus you will find a wide variety of contributors with valuable input. There is no one solution, we need all flukes on deck to achieve wholistic and fair solutions for the people, orca and salmon.


We hope to provide our listeners with inspiring and insightful information. A drop of water always has a ripple effect, not matter the size of the drop. We believe raising awareness to the first step to cultivating waves of change. With the information from our episodes, and connections with organizations directly working towards the cause, we hope to allow listeners to find the best outlet for awareness and action.  






We are proud partners with Audible, and can offer our listeners a free 30 membership trial. Click here to learn more!

If you are interested in partnering with our organization please send us an email! 

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